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Wife and mom Nikki Brava gives a lesson in anal sex

This guy is in for a big surprise when he shows up at 51-year-old Nikki Brava’s house. You see, this incredibly sexy wife and mom is wearing a fishnet top that completely exposes her big, fake tits. He apologizes for walking in on her, but that was Mrs. Brava’s idea all along. Her husband and kids are out, which means she gets to play.

Actually, she gets to teach. You see, the dude’s girlfriends aren’t letting him fuck them in the ass.

“They should love it,” Nikki says. “I can teach you. Would you like me to?”

Now there’s a question a woman who’s as hot as Nikki never has to ask.

Nikki told us, “I do enjoy anal sex but only when a man has respect and understands how much of a privilege it is to be able to do that to me. I place a higher personal value on the act, so whoever I’m with needs to treat my ass like it’s a delicate, precious gift that can be taken away if I’m not pleased. Treat it gently and kindly and it could be your best friend.”

Nikki seems very pleased by how he treats her ass here, although we’re not so sure it’s so delicate. It takes a pretty good pounding.

“I usually initiate sex, although I do wish men would take the initiative more often. I feel very desired and sexy when I’m being seduced or pursued. I love when a man makes it clear he wants me without being crude. Direct and to the point without being gross.”

In other words, “I wanna slam my big schlong deep in your fuckin’ asshole, slut,” is not gonna work.

Nikki’s wildest sexual encounter: “A gang bang my husband arranged for me in a nice hotel room.”

Nice hotel room, eh? Way to keep that gang bang classy.

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