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What happens when Brittany Andrews is your neighbor

Brittany Andrews’ return to The SCORE Group continues with a scene that plays off the idea that unless she lives in the wilderness (which she doesn’t; she lives in Las Vegas), Brittany has neighbors. And how does she interact with those neighbors? Well, in the case of Berry, who’s 22 years old and young enough to be 49-year-old Brittany’s son, she treats him to a blow job, a tit-fuck and her pink, gaping pussy. Is this how it goes in real life? Hey, why not? Brittany is a very horny woman.

40Something: What do you do for your guy to make him feel special?

Brittany: While I haven’t been in a committed relationship in over a decade, I still believe in making a potential partner feel special both inside and outside the bedroom. When it comes to intimate encounters, I would bring my experience and expertise as an adult film star to create an exciting and unforgettable experience for my partner. Through open communication and exploration of their desires, I would ensure that our encounters are consensual, empowering and deeply satisfying for both of us. I would use my dominant nature to fulfill my fantasies, creating an environment where they feel safe, desired and cherished. Outside the bedroom, I would strive to make my partner feel special by nurturing a strong emotional connection. I would actively listen to their thoughts, dreams and aspirations, supporting them in their personal growth and endeavors. By being present, understanding and offering unwavering support, I would make them feel valued, respected and special.

40Something: What do you wear or do when you want to feel sexy?

Brittany: As a dominatrix, when I want to feel sexy and embrace my dominant persona, I select clothing that reflects this essence. This often includes wearing a dominatrix outfit, which may involve leather or latex attire, corsets, high-heeled boots and a large strap-on that exudes power and control.

40Something: If time were frozen for 24 hours, what would you do? Where would you go?

Brittany: I would seize the opportunity to explore Egypt, a place that captivates me with its rich history and my belief in extraterrestrial connections. I would visit the Great Pyramids of Giza, the enigmatic Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings and meditate in the sacred temples. Egypt’s mystical allure and potential ties to alien origins make it an ideal destination for my exploration, allowing me to delve into ancient mysteries and further contemplate the fascinating possibilities of extraterrestrial influence.

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