Oh Boobs!

Victoria Zdrok returns, spectacular body and all

“How do you like these?” 50-year-old stunner Victoria Zdrok asks about her big tits. We love them. We love every inch of this beauty, from her blonde hair to her toes and, in-between, her tight pussy and asshole. A former Playboy and Penthouse model, Victoria has aged very gracefully. We’d say she’s better than ever.

Victoria told us her dream car is a Bugatti, which costs about $3 million.

“When people ask me why I don’t have any tattoos my answer is, ‘Bugatti needs no bumper stickers,'” Victoria said. “But since Bugatti is unaffordable, I always end up buying Mercedes.”

Kind of guys she likes: “I don’t have a physical type. I love intellectuals because I am a nerd myself. And I am drawn to mavericks, renegades, revolutionaries and non-conformists.”

Perfect evening: “Curled up with a good book in front of my fireplace if I am alone. But
better curled up with a man watching a documentary after making love in the candlelight.”

How she likes to dress: “I prefer to dress elegant and sexy, never trashy. I like the old Hollywood look. I wear a lot of body-fitting dresses with thigh highs in the winter, sundresses in the summer or sexy athleisure because I go to the gym often. Sometimes I do dress casual, with tight-fitting tops and jeans.”

She’s a divorcee and mom. “I gave birth to three children and nursed all of them for years. I can still squeeze some milk out of my nipples. No grandchildren yet.”

When that happens, she’ll be the hottest GILF around.

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