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The Other Side of Hot Wife Andi Peacock

If you’ve never seen Andi Peacock before and you noticed her wheeling a shopping cart in a supermarket, you’d notice her big tits. You’d notice her big booty. You’d notice the whole package. Chances are you wouldn’t guess that Andi also stars in hot videos, playing with her big tits, fucking studs, giving rim jobs, sucking cock and balls and masturbating her bushy pussy. That’s the other side of Andi Peacock.

Andi has what we call “sexy wife energy.” Most highly-sexed women keep it secret in the bedroom but not Andi. She loves being on-camera and what happens after the video or photos are posted. “The pretty clothes and sexy outfits, the compliments on how pretty I am. That I get to feel lovely like a goddess. The best compliment someone said was that I look like Anne Hathaway.”

XLGirls member and Andi fan Sex Mad Scorpio wrote “Alluring Andi performing a sensational solo scene. They say Scorpio is the sign of passion, sex, orgasms, porn, the cock and pussy, which explains her attraction towards and deep love of doing hardcore porn. Andi is not only a shameless natural exhibitionist; she is also a stunning sexpot with an amazing voluptuous body and insatiable sexual appetite. I envy her partner. He is a very lucky guy. More of this very sexy cock-desiring Andi, please.”

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