Oh Boobs!

The Green Party

Maggie Green and Jimmy pop some celebratory bubbly in the living room before they head to a bedroom so Jimmy can bone Maggie and pop his nut-pudding all over her big, sexy tits. Once in the bedroom, Jimmy tosses Maggie on the bed, anxious to get it on with this beautiful and hot blonde. Maggie undresses and Jimmy helps her strip off so he can get his hands on her hooters and suck her nipples to hardness.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Maggie parts her cock-sucker lips and opens wide so Jimmy can throat-fuck her. After her juicy BJ, Maggie gets totally naked, heels off, and gets on her hands and knees. Jimmy comes from behind and drives his shaft into her pink hole, the first pole position she’s going to be power-fucked in. Maggie is one hot babe and really burns up the bed sheets.

SCORELAND: So, Maggie, are you the bustiest girl in your circle of friends?

Maggie: Pretty close. My best friend and I are about the same size. We love to compare and have boobie wars where we pull out boobs out and smack them on each other. I am not making this up!

SCORELAND: What do you want to try in life that you haven’t done yet?

Maggie: I want to sky dive. I want to nap naked on the beach. And I would love to have sex in a very public place where people can see!

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