Oh Boobs!

The Greatest Bra-busting Maid in the World

Those two fuckin’ guys Tony and Jimmy have moved into a house. It’s perfectly clean but Jimmy calls The Greatest Maid Service In The World because he feels it needs a woman’s touch. The real reason is that he needs a woman’s touch on his junk. Tony doesn’t see the need for a cleaner until….

He looks through the window and sees The Greatest Bra-busting Maid In The World walking over to the front door. Jimmy expected a hottie but not a horny woman with a pair of the biggest and greatest tits in the world. This maid does more than windows. A lot more. Both guys grossly underestimate her cup size. They’ll find out soon enough how big her tits are.

They leave Roxi to her job, her massive boobs jiggling as she wipes and dusts. Jimmy is compelled to spill a glass of water by accident on purpose on Roxi’s tight top. Tony, a gentleman, is quick to help Roxi out of it. He calls Jimmy over. They’ve hit the motherlode of all huge natural breasts, and she cleans cocks, too.

Roxi is eager for some two-man action as the boys marvel over her national treasures. Whoever said that more than a mouthful is a waste never met Roxi Red. The guys take turns, one losing his dick between her tits, the other filling her mouth, then they take turns fucking her. They’ll need to call another maid to clean off the cum they shoot on her. This woman is more powerful than Viagra.

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