Oh Boobs!

Tessa Orlov: A Mouthful of Nipple

“I am often naked at home,” Tessa Orlov told us. “I like to be comfortable. I will clean my apartment, watch TV or look at websites. Other times, I will be in my underwear. But when I go out for the evening for something special, I like to wear very feminine dresses and beautiful lingerie.”

Tessa likes a man to be assertive but not aggressive.

“He should come over to me and introduce himself. I like a persistent man but a man who behaves like a gentleman. He should project strength but not act like a macho man. I like a man who dresses well and is clean, but as I’ve said before, appearance is secondary. Usually men rarely try to do anything to impress me. Some told me they think I have a boyfriend so they don’t try.”

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