Oh Boobs!

Tanya Virago Cums Clean

“I love all of the videos I shoot for SCORE,” said Tanya Virago. “I feel happy and want to shoot with you guys again. Sometimes I watch them alone. Sometimes I watch them with someone and sometimes we have sex watching them.”

SCORELAND member Armageddon wrote “Tanya is beautiful and her huge, round tits with the pierced nipples are fantastic. Hopefully, there will be more footage of her as soon as possible, for example taking a shower.”

So here’s that soapy shower scene.

Tanya said that when she masturbates, she watches videos of other girls. She will also look at herself in a mirror and play with her nipples and pussy. She finds that this visual stimulation makes her extremely horny.

“My breasts have always been sensitive, especially the nipples. Now with the F-cup, they are still sensitive. They may be a little more sensitive than before but I don’t notice much difference.”

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