Oh Boobs!

Super Titter

Those big, beautiful bra bombs, that baby-doll voice, that round ass that begs for a pinching. Yes, Marie Leone has all that and more. Last time, Marie needed two guys to handle her 34J-cup tits and she easily exhausted them by the time everyone came. “I’ve had plenty of threesomes with two guys,” Marie said. How many girls do you know who can say this? Fucking Marie is an athletic event, not unlike mountain climbing. And Marie’s got massive mountains to climb.

Marie doesn’t seem like a girl with a wild streak. Never trust first impressions. Her boobs are so big-and she’s only 5’2″ tall-that when she took her top off for the first time, she discombobulated the brains of the staff. Just how wild Marie is didn’t sink in until she did her first two fuck scenes. She opened right up for the cock-in her butt also-and didn’t believe in the long, slow build-up. She once told us, “I don’t talk dirty because I do not curse. Funny, huh? Look at me doing porn and I can’t say ‘fuck’ worth a damn!”

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