Oh Boobs!

Stephanie Michelle: The Interview

Stephanie Michelle is waiting for an interview with the CEO for a new job. What she wears to the interview doesn’t hide her spectacular figure but it’s proper enough for an office. Stephanie is nervous, so she goes into the ladies room to practice for the Q&A about her background and work skills.

Her cell phone goes off when she’s practicing in front of a mirror. It’s her man Justin wishing her luck. When Stephanie turns to exit, she reads a sign on the door that phones are prohibited in an interview room, so she sticks it in her bra.

When Stephanie walks into the interview, her phone slips down from her bra and wedges in her panties. As the CEO speaks to her, Justin calls again. The phone is on silent vibration giving her waves of intense pleasure.

The orgasms keep on cumming for Stephanie during the interview. When the CEO takes a call, she slips out of her clothing and lies on his desk to have a series of multiple super-orgasms she can’t control!

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