Oh Boobs!

Spread Formation

“When I am out, I always have a bra on because they need support. Because I don’t have anyone to hold them up for me.” We would have assumed Desiree has plenty of volunteers for that. Including refs, coaches and assistant coaches.

In school, Desiree did track and field for six years. She may be the bustiest football player ever seen in the game. She really knows how to handle a ball. Desiree is many cup sizes over those lingerie football girls, and when we say cup, we don’t mean athletic supporter, although Desiree is a great supporter of the New York Yankees and the New York Giants.

We would never put Desiree on the sidelines. We would bench her, but not that kind of benching. Putting her over a bench and blitzing her is the goal.

Desiree almost became a cop in New York City. She changed her mind on that career move. But she still busts guys, in a good way.

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