Oh Boobs!

Sofia Deluxe’s First Sex Date

Sofia Deluxe, the girl with deluxe boobs, a deluxe body and a deluxe face pops her on-camera cherry, a first for Sofia since she began modeling at XLGirls in 2019.

Dressed in a tight, low-cut red dress that displays her rich curves and large, beautiful tits, Sofia shows off her delicious rack to her sex date Fernando, an extremely lucky dude to be Sofia’s playmate. He plays with Sofia’s breasts, feeling her soft, smooth flesh, feeling the weight and holding on like his hands are glued to her amazing pair.

Sofia sits on the edge of the bed and sucks his cock, making saliva strings and squishing his shaft between her hot tits. An erotic look in her eyes, she stands up and takes off her dress, rubbing her tits and turning around so he can help her slip off the dress. She leaves her black panties and red shoes on and gets on the bed. Sofia wants to kneel over him and continue her blow job and tit-rubbing.

Sofia takes off her panties and throws them to the floor, ready to spread her legs open, but first she resumes her kneeling blow job on Fernando. She rubs her luscious pussy lips that we see from behind and glances at the camera. She sits on his cock and starts grinding, her boobs swinging like bell clappers. Eyes closed, mouth open, Sofia rubs her clit as she rides his dick. She sucks his cock some more and switches to a doggie position, waiting to be fucked from behind. Sex on-camera is a talent, and Sofia’s got it.

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