Oh Boobs!


“For a long time I thought I was a little fat,” Cherry Brady told us in one of her interviews. “You see, I have a certain type of body. It’s a really curvy, beautiful body, and it wasn’t until recently that I looked at Voluptuous and said, “Those are beautiful women. Those are real women. That’s a sweet girl in that magazine. I like that she has a soft body.” And I look at myself in the same way. That’s the way I am. I guess I came to terms with my body, how it’s shaped.

“Don’t get me wrong. Men always like big tits, no matter what. But as far as me putting it out in a magazine, that’s a whole different thing. It’s a matter of being totally comfortable with yourself and wanting to do this. I think every woman at some point fantasizes about being in a magazine like Voluptuous, but most women don’t do it. I figure, hey, you only live once.

“Every man is a tit man. They say they aren’t but they are. There are guys who tell me, ‘I’m not a tit man; I’m an ass man, so I just walk away. I don’t have any use for an ass man. But most guys want big tits if they’re being totally honest. Maybe their girlfriend’s tits aren’t that big, and they don’t want to say it in front of her.”

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