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Safira Yakkuza: Shower Heads Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Safira Yakkuza takes you to the secret chamber where most women spend a great deal of time in. We’re talking the bathroom. A fortress of solitude for SCORE Girls, except for our photographers who have spent more time in ladies’ bathrooms than the girls. It’s a tough job and there are times when we don’t know how they can handle it.

SCORELAND: What do you want to try in life that you haven’t done yet?

Safira Yakkuza: I would like to travel around the world.

SCORELAND: What type of dates do you like to go on?

Safira Yakkuza: I like all types of dates. I don’t have all that much time for dating because of my career.

SCORELAND: Do you remember the funniest pick-up line you ever heard?

Safira Yakkuza: Right now, I can’t remember any. I hear so many.

SCORELAND: What was your kinkiest sexual encounter that wasn’t in a porn scene.

Safira Yakkuza: In a park at three in the morning.

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