Oh Boobs!

Safira Yakkuza Hits Her Sweet Spot

Safira cums and cums and cums in this lengthy video. She could have gone for another 30 minutes. Born in Almeria (where hundreds of spaghetti westerns were filmed), Safira lives in Madrid. Because she’s so slim and tiny with big tits, the name fuck-toy definitely applies to Safira.

SCORELAND: The most-fun job you have ever had:

Safira Yakkuza: I have liked all the jobs I have done. I love doing porn.

SCORELAND: Were you the bustiest girl in school?

Safira Yakkuza: No, at that time I had a little chest.

SCORELAND: Do you exercise?

Safira Yakkuza: I love sports and going to the gym, but unfortunately, because of my schedule, I can’t dedicate much time to it.

SCORELAND: Do you play any sports?

Safira Yakkuza: I don’t play or practice any sport. I like to watch football. My favorite team is Real Madrid.

SCORELAND: What are your hobbies?

Safira Yakkuza: One of my hobbies is traveling, but I also really like to make fun plans alone or with friends. If I’m alone at home, I play video games.

SCORELAND: Are you sexually assertive or passive?

Safira Yakkuza: I really like being fucked hard but I also like to get on top.

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