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The front desk clerk’s dream guest, if he is a tit-man, is Desiree DeLuca. The chesty, pretty, pale, redheaded, white chick has a craving for a chocolate snack and a stiff cocktail. She phones room service and leaves it up to them. The bell hop arrives with her refreshments but Desiree wants him to stay. She’s bored just reading her book before bedtime. It’s cool with him so Desiree pats the bed and invites him to sit next to her.

Her nails are still wet from being polished so she asks him to feed her some chocolate-dipped strawberries. What she needs is cock relief to help her sleep. The strawberries are not enough for Desiree. She wants real chocolate. A big, thick chocolate bar to stretch out her cunt. Sucking on balls. Her mouth stuffed with dick. Her tits getting fucked. His ebony cock in her vanilla pussy. Desiree likes to fuck with her whore-shoes on. Since he aims to please his hotel guests, her wishes must be satisfied. This hotel hop prides himself on customer service by pile-driving her on the floor. He jerks all over her white-girl tits.

Desiree was published in Voluptuous years ago in the September 2001 issue. She didn’t have the tits she has now. She was on the thin side. A SCORE photographer looking for new girls on Pompano Beach, Florida spotted her and pitched a nude photo shoot. She was with some girlfriends. Desiree went back to Pennsylvania after her one and only shoot (stills, not video) and was never heard from again until years later.

She contacted SCORE through BeASCOREModel.com and sent in some current photos. The veteran editors remembered her. Desiree filled out beautifully over the past decade. Her tits are much, much larger and her ass is rounder. Overall, her body is much more curvy.

Desiree didn’t just want to model again for SCORE, she wanted to try sex. She even did anal in other videos, her first time at it.

“I wanted to do it first and kind of get it over with. But what was funny was that the night before, the studio staff sent me home with these anal toys and they were tiny. They were tiny butt plugs. And then I come in the next day and Juan, the stud who I had my first anal scene with, was huge! I found it kind of funny that the toys were like a quarter of his dick size. But it wasn’t too bad. I liked it.”

And after that, Desiree went full-on porn star which is why we always say we’re like a training academy for newcomers.

Desiree went from a one-shot model in V-mag to porn star fame and is still active. She loves that black cock and has been fucked by many of them since her return.

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