Oh Boobs!

Pretty As a Painting

A spring day. The flowers are in bloom. The grass is green. And Alexya is here to enjoy an afternoon of breast painting, a little-known niche in the art world, except at The SCORE Group. There have been articles in SCORE magazine about female artists who paint on canvas using their boobs as a brush. Alexya is the Monet of Mams. The Titian of Tits. The Cezanne of Cleavage. The Boticelli of Boobs.

Alexya is not the type to get paint on her sexy clothing, so she begins removing it piece by piece as she paints her breasts until she’s as naked as nature intended in this pastoral setting. Before signing her masterpiece with her painted hooters, Alexya plays with her thick-lipped pussy.

A SCORE Man may not be a poet, but when it comes to busty babes and breast art, he knows it. Alexya herself is a work of art, and so is this video, worthy of display in a museum.

Click here for the full scene with Alexya!

Click Here for to watch the full video!
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