Oh Boobs!

Playtime for Sexy Mer

Mer describes herself as a “Netflix and chill kinda girl.” If she’s a homebody, it’s because she has the kind of body you’d like to stay home with. Pretty girl Mer has a smile that lights up the room. Her big tits turn guys into werewolves and her body is so hot, she can turn a room into a sauna.

Guys can’t keep their eyes off her and girls who see her wish they had what Mer has under her sweater. Mer spends more time doing webcam sessions with dildos and vibrators than shooting videos.

All of Mer’s gal pals have big tits. They include Angie Bravo, Isa Gomez, Lucy Rodriguez and Bhiankha. She loves going tit-to-tit with these girls when she can, licking and sucking nipples and toying their pussies.

“My first time was with a girlfriend. That night, we drank alcohol, and when we both went to bed, we wanted to experiment. We started kissing and I started to feel a lot of excitement. I wanted to touch her and feel her body. I loved it!”

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