Oh Boobs!

Pin-Up Girl

Fresh-faced Kate Marie talks to SCORE and Voluptuous magazine editor Dave, then lies back on the bed, gets comfy and pushes her love button until she sighs with satisfaction. Here’s a beauty who can really rub off on ya. It’s amazing how the girls start masturbating when they spend time with a TSG editor.

Said Kate Marie, “Finding the right fitting bra is pretty much a hassle. I have to get them fitted. I have to get them made. I usually go and find someone and I go in and they measure me and make my own style that I pick out. My boobs are heavy. I feel it in my back if I’m not wearing the right bra. The combination of them both is twelve pounds on my chest and shoulders, so it’s a struggle.”

How did Kate Marie know her boobs weigh twelve pounds?

“My doctor has a boob scale, and you put one on there and you weigh it and then you put the other one on and you weigh it and you add the total and that’s the total on your chest. I was 18 years old at the time, and I thought that was ridiculous. I didn’t think that was possible. Because I grew so quickly at such a young age, they thought I had what Soleil Moon Frye had, where her boobs just kept growing. She had reductions but they kept growing back. They wanted to keep an eye on it.”

We know how they feel. We’d want to keep an eye on Kate Marie’s tits on a regular basis too.

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