Oh Boobs!

Party Girl

What kind of girl is Katie Thornton? You’d want her to write her phone number on your hand. You’d want to go bra shopping with her and sit in the dressing room. That’s the kind of girl she is.

The girl many big-boob lovers rave about, and for good reason, is back for another study session. And what the study session today is about is Katie”s astounding, awesome and astonishing anatomy and the gorgeous face that stops guys in their tracks. She’s a true poster girl, a babe who’d make an inspirational model for a Splat Mat.

This time, Katie wears her blue baby doll nightie and keeps the bed warm, slowly taking everything off down to her stockings and spike heels. Playing with her big tits, Katie turns her back to the camera so you can get a nice view of her tight, pink slit, just right for you to slide your cock into.

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