Oh Boobs!

Nick is fucked by his mom’s friend, Brittany Andrews

Nick Strokes is home from college when his mother’s bestie Brittany Andrews drops by looking for her. Mom’s not home but Brittany sees this as an opportunity to give Nick some off-campus education. She has the experience and skills for the task. Nick will never forget her.

The SCORE Group has never forgotten Brittany either. Time has not weakened our love. She has a rich history with us that includes three Boob Cruises (#2 in 1995, #3 in 1997 and #4 in 1998). Brittany was a columnist and model for Leg Sex magazine and a model for SCORE magazine. She was outgoing, fun and sociable on the Cruises. Popular with the Cruise mates, Brittany’s energy was boundless and her dance routines on the decks of the ships were high-powered and horny. We always kept a look-out for Brittany to pay our respects during porn conventions.

Brittany is an icon. She’s done everything in the adult biz and she’s done it well. She’s a producer, director, promoter, actress, businesswoman, club DJ, cable television host and feature dancer. She owned her own production studio. There is nothing Brittany hasn’t done.

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