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Natasha Sweet: The Sweetest Bang-bang

It’s a rare tits and ass man who can get enough of the delectable and aptly named XL Girl Natasha Sweet. Stanley Johnson can’t. He hasn’t wrapped Natasha’s gigantic hangers over his face or stuffed his mouth with her world-class nipples.

Natasha sits on Stanley’s lap and bounces her tits in her hands to show him the things to come. She checks his compass and feels it pointing north. It would be an insult to this beauty if it weren’t.

Stanley rubs his face all over Natasha’s boobs and comes from behind her to feel her magnificent pillows in his hands and sink his fingers into her velvety breast flesh. He whips off his pants within milliseconds, like you would in his place, and Natasha eagerly pops his cock in her pretty mouth for a loud, lip-smacking sucking and licking.

Alternating between fucking Natasha’s gorgeous mouth and her soft, floppy tits, Stanley is having the time of his life. He said the way Natasha gazed at him is something he couldn’t get out of his mind for weeks. His grunting like a caveman when he finally and giddily spread her firm legs open to plunge his cock into her spectacular pussy proved what we’ve always said about this incredible woman: She brings out the beast in a guy.

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