Oh Boobs!

Nadia Mia Has the Fever

Nadia Mia gets right down to it in this video. She starts things off by strip dancing and boob shaking out of her tight, white tank and chopped-down shorts. This is not a strip tease. There’s no teasing. She never stops moving. Nadia has the fever. She has big tit energy and lots of it.

Before the scene is five minutes in, Nadia is totally naked, squeezing her big tits, grinding her hips, twerking her ass-cheeks and ramming her pussy with a dick-shaped dong. Usually, in a stripping and masturbation scene, the toy is discovered behind a pillow and put to good use in the last five minutes.

This video was shot at standard speed, but Nadia is moving twice as fast. She twerks, grinds, bounces and flings her body all over the couch in different hot positions like an erotic gymnast. How she doesn’t scorch the couch is a puzzle.

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