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Minka fucks a fan

I’m not going to say whether or not the great Minka has ever fucked one of her fans, as she does in this scene, but I’m going to guess that she has. In other words, I’m saying that this scene is not entirely fictional.

I will tell you that Ivan, the guy who fucks her in this scene, is a huge Minka fan. The lucky stiff, he’s also a big fan of Brittany O’Neil, and he got to fuck her, too. The guy almost lost his load before the scene started when he found out Minka was his partner for the day.

After this scene was published in SCORE, a reader asked, “Where did you get the idea for this scene?” Was he kidding? As if every SCORE Man in the world hasn’t fantasized about getting with Minka? The short answer is that we got the idea for this scene from the usual source: the swelling in our balls.

Minka is very proud of the fact that after close to three decades as a SCORE Girl, she still has many devoted fans. The few times she has been omitted from the voting for Model of the Year or Hardcore Performer of the Year, we’ve received letters from enraged fans. And when she is an awards finalists, the votes come pouring in, most of them from her fan club devotees. Right now, she’s a leading contender for SCORE‘s XXX Performer of the Year.

Minka is funny, intelligent and sexy. That’s a rare combination. She’s also a very good tennis player, as you probably know. For some guys, their fantasy might be to fuck Minka. My fantasy would be to see her standing across the net as my opponent in a singles match. I’m sure I wouldn’t return a single shot, but it would be a hell of a show.

Anyway, here’s Minka, fucking a fan. You should be so lucky. Maybe one day, you will be.

Click here for the full scene with Minka!

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