Oh Boobs!

Minka: Fan Fuck P.O.V.

Minka hereby invites you to give her your cock. That’s an offer you can’t refuse. Follow her for a fantasy fan fuck the point-of-view way.

Minka urges you to feel her hard, long nipples. Her bra is designed to expose her nipples and most of her areolae. You can pinch those nipples, pull them, tweak them. She has a pair of the longest nipples ever seen at SCORELAND.

Minka keeps her body strong and in peak condition by playing tennis every day. Feel the weight and size of her massive breasts. She wants your hands all over them.

She remarks how big your cock is and sucks on it while she eye-bangs you. She sits on the edge of the bed and pulls you closer so you can fuck her tits. Her brassiere keeps her tits together so she doesn’t need to cup them. She pulls you in as you pump her cleavage. “Yes…mmm…yes…yes,” Minka moans, as she watches her tits getting dicked. You rub the head of your cock on her nipples, then resume fucking her tits.

You give Minka more dick to suck. Then she takes off her bra and holds her tits together. You fuck her super-melons hard and fast. She gets on her back, slips off her panties and squeezes her boobs together again for an even faster tit-bang.

Minka is ready to get fucked. You slide your cock into her tight pussy. She talks about how big your dick is. Her big clit enlarges and she rubs it as you pump her fast and hard. “Switch,” Minka says. She’s ready to sit on your pole and continue the workout, then she’ll urge you to shoot your load until your balls are empty. Your cum will make a good breast lotion for Minka.

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