Oh Boobs!

Mahogany Masters Gives You Wood

Some guys would be happy with a sixteen minute video of Mahogany Masters sleeping…and watching her boobs fall out of her negligee top. That must happen often.

Fortunately, Mahogany is a light-sleeper and our photographer’s heavy breathing woke her up right away so she could share some fun time with you before the day begins.

There’s no music added to this scene so we can hear Mahogany’s huge breasts slap against each other and her chest as they sway like pendulums. Each of her fully-loaded 42K boobs is way bigger than your head.

We believe that hot chicks should start their day off by having a spank and she does that here. Mahogany mentioned that she enjoys a lot of breast play and clitoral stimulation. She said before that she has no special talents, but we see plenty of talent when we look at her and so will you.

Click here for the full scene with Mahogany Masters!

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