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Lorna Morgan & Gianna Rossi: Breast Mashers

In the Bahamas for the movie Big Boob Paradise, Welsh superstar Lorna Morgan and American porn star Gianna dressed in hot lingerie for their first and only one-on-one encounter, a breast-fest on the porch of a beach house. Lorna’s black ‘n’ white one-piece striped bodysuit is translucent. Gianna’s tight, corset-like lingerie accentuates her curves.

As they cuddle on the porch, they mash and rub each other’s big tits, ending with mutual masturbation, each girl fingering her pussy to orgasm. This is a rare girl-party. Lorna was a strictly-glam model and has one of the most beautiful bodies in big-bust history while Gianna made her mark as a porn star in Los Angeles, so this erotic experience is an unusual pairing. This video is also on DVD in the tribute Lorna Morgan Now & Forever.

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