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Kim Velez: Watch Me When I Cum

Young and awesomely sexy Kim Velez is getting ready to leave her home and go out to a party. She’s put on one of her sexy pink dresses and aims to be the star of the night. Looking herself over in the mirror, she sees she’s missing an earring.

“I’m missing something,” our friend Kim says to herself. “What did I do with the other earring? I can’t go to the party without the other earring.”

Kim walks over to her couch thinking it dropped in there. That gives us some nice views of Kim’s gorgeous ass and her big, beautiful boobs as she bends over looking for her earring.

“I see something here, Kim says, pulling out a dick dildo behind a cushion. You see, when a SCORELAND Girl buys a bed or sofa, dildos are included as a free premium.

“This is more interesting than the earring. Will I be too late if I play for a little while?”

Definitely not.

“I’m going to play for a little while.”

As she handles the toy, Kim looks like she’s forgetting about the party. She’s got a case of the hornies now and she has to satisfy herself.

“It is very hot in here. I’m going to get naked. Although, I don’t like having to get dressed again to go to the party. But I’m going to do it anyway.”

And with that, Kim gets busy sucking on her nipples, giving herself lipstick nipples, fingering her wet pussy and sticking the toy in deep.

“I think I’m going to cum,” Kim says as her pleasuring does the trick. And she does find her missing earring.

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