Oh Boobs!

Kim Velez & Her Suspension Bed

Gorgeous Kim Velez doesn’t swing but her bed does in this unbelievably sexy video. Wearing a new red dress she bought for this occasion, Kim carefully gets on the bed and lowers the dress to show off her big, beautiful tits.

Kim wears no panties, so when the dress comes off, she’s naked. She plays with her boobs, sucking and licking her nipples and rubbing her large, dark areolae. Holding on to the ropes suspending the bed, Kim swings her breasts up and down.

Her swinging tits are slowed down to savor every second of her boobs in motion. Her fingers caress her shaved pussy and she makes eye contact all the way. Kim can get a guy stiff just by looking at him.

“I’m hot,” Kim says. Yes, she is very hot.

“Let’s cool off in the Jacuzzi. What do you think? But first, help me take off my heels.”

Carefully getting out of the bed, Kim walks a few feet and gets into the swirling water to continue her erotic tit-play. Her wet breasts shine. “They float very well,” Kim observes. Yes, they do.

She plays with her fantastic tits some more and turns around to twerk and bounce her delicious ass cheeks. Kim continues her ass bouncing and pussy fingering back on the suspended bed.

“I want to cum now. I’m going to cum.” Cum, Kim Velez.

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