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Kiki True: Clad to Please in Lingerie

Everything Kiki True says is true, and when she says that lingerie is her favorite outfit, you can believe every word. Kiki has the sexy, lush bod for sheer bras and panties.

XLGirls: Kiki, you mentioned your favorite position is doggie. What is it about that position you love, besides looking behind you?

Kiki True: Got me there. I love eye contact in nearly every position. But in doggie, it’s definitely that nice deep, powerful stroke. I like feeling completely fucked, and with doggy it’s hard not to feel that way..

XLGirls: What’s the biggest cock you have ever had in your life?

Kiki True: I have had a few big cocks, and, yes, I do love it. I am not a cockist though. I love the feel of every size of cock because of what I can do with them. The biggest cock I was ever with was just over 11 inches and, boy, it left me feeling super full and stretched to the max.

I love that feeling of being stretched just to please this mammoth-of-a-cock guy. That is also when I realized the importance of learning to deep-throat bigger cocks. I got myself an 11-inch dildo and I practice deep-throating it at least daily. Not a bad skill to have.

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