Oh Boobs!

Katie Rose: You’re Her Puppet

The secret story about Pinocchio is that whenever a pretty girl with big boobs walks by him, more than his nose grows. Katie Rose introduces him then puts him off to the side so he doesn’t block the camera but can watch. Sometimes, it’s good to be a hot girl’s puppet.

Model, blogger, photographer and fashionista, Katie Rose is the living example of her own philosophy, “You just need to believe in yourself because you can accomplish your goals.”

Katie’s style of modeling combines free-flowing dance moves, striptease, boob play and floor work, all in a graceful, sexy way. Her big boobs, gorgeous face and erotic moves are hypnotic. As a versatile model and performance artist, Katie doesn’t stand around waiting for instructions from the photographer.

Click here for the full scene with Katie Rose!

Click Here for to watch the full video!
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