Oh Boobs!

Julia Mendoza’s Dangerous Curves

Here we are in fertile Colombia with yet another voluptuous hottie who can be proud of her huge, beautiful breasts. Julia Mendoza loves to wear body-hugging dresses that don’t hide her dangerous curves.

“I dress for all the people to look at me and to always be watched by the people in the street,” said Julia, who loves to show off her bod by wearing the kind of low-cut tube dresses that she wears in this scene. “When I go to the gym, a restaurant or a disco. I love to wear sexy tops.” Any sudden movement or bending forward in this dress and Julia’s bra-less big boobs will come spilling out.

“If I had to choose a favorite part of my body, I would choose my breasts and then my hips, of course. Some girls have names for their breasts but I really don’t call them anything. Whenever I go out with a boy or a girl, they like to give them names.”

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