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Isa Gomez: Superwoman of South America

If we had three wishes, one of them would be for Isa Gomez to become our next-door neighbor. If that wish never comes true, we’ll be happy to keep arranging for our photographers to film her in Colombia.

Isa is actually a bashful girl in everyday life, even though she gets very hot when she’s being photographed.

“Honestly, | don’t socialize much, and at times, I can be shy. So that’s why I like extroverted people. An extrovert makes me laugh and makes me feel very loved. In general, I like having people’s attention, but I dress conservatively. There is no hiding how big my breasts are.”

When she’s not on webcam or modeling, Isa likes to spend time with her family and shop. “I like to spend time in my kitchen cooking and discovering new recipes. I work out occasionally, not every day. At night, I might watch a movie or a television show. ”

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