Oh Boobs!

Huge-titted 60something Roxy Royce fucks a 20something dude

Let this scene be a warning to anyone out there who has a hot mom or grandmother: Make sure you’re home when your best buddy comes around, because if you aren’t, there’s a good chance Mom or Grandma is going to suck and fuck his cock. Don’t think so? Doubt our wisdom? Well, see what happens here when young Derek comes looking for Mike. Mike isn’t home, but his mother, 61-year-old Roxy Royce, is, and she’s wearing a short, tight dress that shows off her huge, fake tits.

“I caught you looking at me,” she says to him. “I kinda like it.”

Kinda? More than kinda. She likes it enough to suck his dick and offer up her tits. She likes it enough to let him pound her shaved, pierced pussy in every position she knows. Does Mike know his mom has a pierced pussy? Probably not, but now his friend does.

GrannyLovesYoungCock: What makes you horny?

Roxy: Me wearing sexy lingerie and clothes. Strong sexual vibes. It’s all a state of mind. Sexy clothes, lingerie, perfume, feeling fit and good about myself. And then there is champagne, tequila and cocktails!

GrannyLovesYoungCock: What do you consider to be your best assets?

Roxy: Mentally, my biggest asset is that I possess sympathy. Physically, my biggest assets are my boobs and my long, athletic legs.

GrannyLovesYoungCock: You’re at a party and notice a guy checking you out from across the room. You find him attractive. What happens next?

Roxy: I make eye contact and give him a seductive smile. Now it’s his move.

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