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Hot Wife Krissy Wants a Chocolate Cocksicle

Krissy Rose once told us, “I’m a wife, but I like to get fucked by other men.” The man who is fucking her in this scene is not her husband. He’s Asante Stone, and he happens to have a big, black cock, which made the experience even more-enjoyable for Mrs. Rose.

Hot wife Krissy and her husband are swingers, into the non-vanilla life. Krissy’s a real MILF, not a Hollywood MILF actress. She’s a real-life mom. The green-eyed, brunette F-cupper started exploring her sex fantasies and cravings with her husband’s approval and encouragement when she was in her late 20s. Now she loves to dress in hot outfits, pose for photos and vids, go on webcam and attend swinger events.”

As you know, we always ask our models to fill out info sheets so we can get to know them better. One of the questions on the sheet is, “Are you into any fetishes?” Usually the model comes up with an answer but just one. Krissy came up with a list:

“1. To be tied up and blindfolded while in a threesome or foursome.

“2. To have a MMF [editor’s note: BBG] while my husband sits and watches me.

“3. To use a strap-on on a guy.

“4. Double vaginal penetration.”

Krissy was born in California, and she and her husband now live in Las Vegas, which is where they belong. Sin City and all that. Krissy can walk around in stripper heels and low-cut tops that show off her F-cup tits and get away with it.

This scene was shot in 2011. I wonder how many of Krissy’s fantasies she has fulfilled. If I were in Vegas, I’d bet all of them.

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