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Holly Wood: The Big Bust Out

“I’m always horny, and sex-good, hot sex-is mandatory in my relationships,” Holly Wood said. “To make a man feel special, I cater to all of his sexual fantasies. I make eye contact during foreplay to excite him more. I make sure he wants for nothing. If a man wants to make me feel special, I love gifts, massages, trips, and he makes sure I am never without. I’m a spoiled brat!”

I knew the publicist at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada. When I was looking at the ranch girls for potential big bust models, I spotted Holly aka Hot Ass Hollywood in 2015 and asked him to let her know that SCORE would be interested. Holly still shoots for us. She supersized her boobs in 2022 and made the cover of SCORE Volume 30 Number 1. Because of her ass, Holly is the covergirl for the DVD Big Assed White Chicks 6. If BootyLicious magazine were still being published, she’d make the cover of that mag also.

“I get stopped everywhere, which is great. It’s fun. People are respectful if I’m eating dinner or in the jacuzzi at the hotel. They’ll say, ‘Can I have a picture when you’re done?’ It’s been a good experience so far. Nobody has been rude, and I love the attention. I can’t see when the ass men are paying attention. They’re behind me! I really feel the attention now because they’re just so big and people can’t stop staring at them. And I’m sure they want to touch them and they’re imagining me without my shirt. There are a million naughty thoughts running through their minds and it’s blatantly obvious when they’re in front of me. Men cannot hide their faces very well. The double-takes, the gawking. Even women. It’s great! I’ll take all the attention. That’s why I’m Holly Wood.”

So with Holly Wood, tits and ass lovers get the best of both worlds.

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