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Holly Halston & The Big Dick Man

I guess enough time has passed since this scene was shot that I can confess that the interview I conducted with Holly Halston and her husband, Troy, after the shooting of this scene was one of the most uncomfortable moments of my life. In retrospect, I probably had even more reason than I knew to be uncomfortable, but even without the events that would take place, it was uncomfortable enough.

I mean, here we had a porn star, Holly, who had fucked only one man on-camera her entire life, her husband. And here she was, having been fucked in the ass by somebody other than her husband for the first time. And the two of them were sitting there, side-by-side, and it was my job to interview them and ask them about it. This was Indecent Proposal times two.

It helped that Troy directed the scene, so it wasn’t as if he was off in another room weeping (or running up the steps to stop the helicopter as Woody Harrelson does in Indecent Proposal). But as they sat there on the set, talking about how excited they were, I felt as if they both were a little nervous, too. I asked Troy if he was nervous. He said, “I was. I’ve never seen my wife fuck another guy before, but I just fell into director’s mode.”

Added Holly, “We still love each other.”

And Troy came back with, “We’ve been married 14 years and it didn’t change anything.”

Well, I don’t know about that. That was 2008. Two years later, Holly and Troy announced that they had split up, so there’s that Indecent Proposal story line again. It didn’t work out for Woody and Demi and it didn’t work out for Holly and Troy. Demi had her Redford. Holly had Carlos’s cock in her ass.

Elliot still replays that interview once in a while, and my discomfort is obvious. As for Holly and Troy, who knows? Maybe at the time they were still happily married. Maybe this scene made Holly realize that she wanted another cock or two (or three or four) in her life. I don’t know. But it is a helluva scene, and when you know how life played out for Holly and Troy, it becomes fascinating.

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