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Heavenly Alexya

Beautiful Alexya, SCORE‘s 2018 Model of the Year, told us a story.

“I was in the cinema. It was almost full. The movie was in 3D and we were all wearing those glasses. I was alone and I started to touch myself slowly. After a while, a man near me saw me and watched what I was doing. I didn’t stop. When the movie was over, I left the theater. I think he tried to follow me, but I was with the crowd so he could not find me.”

I’m surprised by that. He could not find Alexya in a crowd? Alexya is a girl who stands out in a crowd, and not just because of her big, beautiful, natural tits and stupendous body, although that’s reason enough. The girl is beautiful. Those eyes, those cheekbones, that mouth…the girl could’ve been a fashion model had she not been blessed with tits.

What would Alexya like to do that she’s never done before?

“I’d like to jump out of a plane with a parachute. It sounds like it would be very exciting to fly in the air, and scary, too. I watch videos on Youtube of this.”

Imagine going tandem skydiving with Alexya. Imagine her arms and legs wrapped around you as you glide towards the earth. I’m not one for skydiving, but I’d do it with her.

Click here for the full scene with Alexya!

Click Here for to watch the full video!
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