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Girls at Play: Blondie Bombshell

Germany’s Blondie Bombshell was a makeup artist, a hairdresser and a car show model. She became a private domina, which is a fit for her personality, and then a hardcore porn star. Blondie is 5’10”, and when she slips on her seven-inch stripper heels, she towers over her sex partners in her SCORELAND scenes. Her height gives Blondie even more of a dominant appearance.

Blondie loves being on-camera and doesn’t think of making videos and photos as a job. She gets to wear sexy clothes and swimsuits, gets loads of attention and visits exotic locations. When Blondie is off-camera, her hobbies and interests include travelling, dining and driving high-performance cars. Busty blondes in showbiz love tiny dogs and Blondie is no different. Her two Chihuahuas keep her busy.

In this scene, Blondie shows off her sleek, slim bikini body, takes off the swimsuit and gets busy fingering her pussy and giving herself a big bang with a dick-shaped fuck-toy.

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