Oh Boobs!

Dream Doll

An extraordinary girl, Sarah Rae always looks sensational. She’s found a tight dress to model in this video that will blow you away. It hugs her extremely dangerous curves like high-performance racing tires on a mountain road. Once she takes it off, she’ll drive you even crazier. What an incredible chassis. She is a dream doll.

Sarah’s jiggling and spanking will leave you with serious side-effects, so be alerted. These include dizziness, stiffness in your joint, swelling of the man pouch and rapid pulse. There is no cure. Just keep watching her. Keep watching those amazing boobs bounce.

Sarah delights in her massive breasts, blessed by mother nature. She can self-suck with the greatest of ease and is constantly training at home to self-suck both nipples at the same time, hands-free. In fact, she has accomplished this. Sarah calls it “mastering the elusive, hands-free, double nipple-suck.”

There will be no complaints from members of the hair club for men, either. Sarah sports quite a decorative bush at the moment. She gets naked after her tit exercises and fingers her sexy girl-box while she sucks on her left nipple! She gives her pussy a good, final spank then turns around to stick out her fantastic ass and rub her pussy again. If you’re not climbing the walls at this point, consult your physician.

We hope to see Sarah Rae again soon!

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