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Diana Eisley: Sexting Hook-up

Young and curvy Diana Eisley is home and Milan is by the beach when they start sexting. They’re both bored and want hot sex right away. No one is home so Diana sexts him to come over and give her what she wants.

What she wants is to suck a big dick and to have her spread-wide pussy fucked. What she wants is a guy to suck her nipples and love her big breasts. Milan races to Diana in a flash to give this sweetheart what she wants, a dick to worship with her mouth and a proper pounding fuck so she can have a nice, juicy orgasm.

Barely into her 20s, Diana’s got a big cock fetish. Truly a gem of a girl.

“I like big dicks and I cannot lie,” said Diana. “The meat makes a lot of difference. The motion obviously also can make a difference because the guy who can fuck well is great, but I do like the thought of, ‘I just took this giant dick in my pussy.’ Hot! It all really depends on the person. How well they use it. I would be perfectly happy with a guy who’s eight inches or so. If their performance is really good, that’s fine with me, because if they can fuck me well, I’ll be satisfied. But I do prefer big dicks. I have a pretty big dildo at home. It’s 16 inches. I can’t fit it all. I’ve only gotten about halfway so far. I’m slowly making my way through it, but it’s big.”

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