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Date Night With Diana Frost

On this night, Diana Frost has a hot date with Michael. He’s been waiting for this moment since he fucked Diana’s big, natural tits and got a blow job the first time they met.

Wearing a tight leopard dress and sipping wine, Diana walks into the bedroom where Michael is awaiting her entrance and sits on the bed. She lowers the top of her dress to bare her beautiful breasts and lightly caress them inches from his face, staring at him. She seductively puts some wine on her tits and softly pulls him closer to lick it up. He sucks her nipples gently and slowly, admiring them and burying his face in her cleavage. He’s in no hurry to speed up his breast worship.

Diana leans back a bit and lifts up her dress, exposing her shiny thong panties. Michael lowers his head, pulls her panties to the side and licks her shaved pussy, as slowly and methodically as he licked her nipples and breasts. Diana’s eyes close and her breathing becomes heavier. He sticks his fingers inside her pink box. Diana’s mouth makes a circle and she moans.

Diana takes his rock-hard dick out of his pants and sucks on it. He fucks her big boobs for a few seconds and strips her down to her panties. She continues to give him a blow job while he lubes her butt-hole and slowly inserts an anal toy in and out. She rubs her wet pussy while he toys her ass and fucks her mouth.

Reluctantly pulling his cock out of Diana’s lip lock, Michael turns her around and fucks her from behind. As his cock pumps her pussy, he inserts the anal toy back into her ass, doubling her pleasure. Kicking off her high heels, Diana sits on top of Michael and puts his cock back in her pussy. She lies back and he fucks her fast and hard. They change to missionary position. Diana rubs her clit, heightening her enjoyment of his thrusting cock. She moans with satisfaction when he creams her pussy. She then reaches to touch the leaking cum and brings her fingers to her mouth to lick them.

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