Oh Boobs!

Cozy Curves & FF-Cups

Larissa Linn is only about ten degrees hotter than that fireplace she’s sitting next to. She won’t need it to stay warm the way she’s rubbing her supple skin. There’s the danger of friction burn just watching her. She’s a natural seducer, irresistible. She’s Kryptonite to a boob-man.

Larissa has watched her videos and seen her pictorials that have been posted at SCORELAND. What does she think about them?

“I’ve seen them, yes. I watched them alone, not with anyone. I really liked them. My make-up and clothing were beautiful. When I think about them, I’m happy. I want to do more. Because of them, I feel more sensual.”

And to think that this hottie graduated from the National Mining University in her native land and works as an auditor. We’d work in a coal mine just to see Larissa naked. Thanks to her, we don’t have to.

“I love being a covergirl and I enjoy reading nice comments. I study every photo and video, and the more I see, the more I enjoy modeling. I’m glad I have taken this step in my life.”

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