Oh Boobs!

Bra-Busting Bombshell

“I love to laugh all the time,” busty blonde Brit Katie Thornton told us. “I like being silly and having a good time. Being happy is how everyone should try to be. If a guy can make me laugh, then he’s already got my attention. Sex on the first date…it’s possible. It depends. What’s the point in waiting if we feel there’s a connection right away?”

An entrepreneur besides being a model, Katie also owns a beauty salon near Manchester, England. She went to beauty school. “I used to work in my salon a lot but now I work there once a week. I’ve got three girls working for me. A lot of guys come in too. Not for hair, but for nails or massages.” And if their timing is right, Katie might be the masseuse that day!

Katie gets recognized more in the UK than in the States but that’s changing. The paparazzi follow her. “I like being recognized. I was in Los Angeles, in Hollywood, and a guy stopped me in the street and asked me if I was Katie Thornton. He’d seen me on the internet.”

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