Oh Boobs!

Boob Shaker Cocktail Maker

“I was out having some drinks with friends, and some guy came up to me and said, ‘You have great boobs. Can I touch them?’ I said okay. Then he said thanks and walked away.” That’s what Sheridan Love said during a SCORE visit. If she were wearing this little nothing, it’d be no wonder that dude worked up the nerve!

You have met busty cocktail servers before but few with the tits and ass that Sheridan Love has. And she knows it. After dropping off your Martini, Sheridan says she noticed you checking out her ass. She then turns around and sticks it out. She has every right to stick out that ass and her big boobs because they’re fantastic. Ordinary women get miffed when a girl like Sheridan passes them by because Sheridan looks the way they want to look.

Sheridan doesn’t leave the table. She takes one of the chairs, a transparent chair no less, and sits down to join you. You are about to be rewarded with one of Sheridan’s special private shows. Everything but her heels come off. She leans back and spreads her fine legs wide open to expose her pink taco and huge naked tits. Her fingers will do the walking. Enjoy the show!

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