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Blondie Bombshell: Sex Bomb Hits SCORELAND

Stanley Johnson has a wildcat on his hands after he phones for a hot girl to come to his place and give him a show. He gets a whole lot more than a private striptease when sexbomb Blondie Bombshell arrives at his apartment.

Blondie is extremely happy to see that Mr. Johnson is hard as concrete when she unzips him. Blondie’s slurping blow jobs are wet, wild and noisy. Her style of cock sucking is ravenous and aggressive. She stares at him and sometimes directly at the camera as she jerks and sucks.

After fucking her tits hard, Stanley goes down on her. Blondie holds his head and pulls one leg up while he licks her pussy to her pleasure. Stanley finger-bangs Blondie after eating her out, then he drives his cock into Blondie’s soaking wet hole and power-fucks her.

Blondie greedily sucks his cock between their lusty fucking positions. She gets her big tits fucked one more time and last licks in on his cock right before he blasts her breasts with man-cream.

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