Oh Boobs!

Bikini Houdini

What is a Bikini Houdini? Someone who can make a bikini disappear. Someone like Milly.

Milly is the bikini girl today. She dips a toe in the swimming pool. “The water’s so cold, we should just hang out outside the pool and have fun,” Milly says. Sounds like a plan!

Milly lifts her bikini top to show the boobs that make guys stupid. Losing IQ points has never been this much fun. But the wind blowing through this hillside property is too chilly, so Milly moves inside so she can really warm up the right way.

Milly bounces, dangles, hangs and shoves those big, beautiful tits in your face. Her hands move south to her shaved pussy so her fingers can make some magic. She pops her fingers in her mouth to taste herself then continues to rub her pink taco slowly. Her toes curl as she cums. “It’s time to go back to the pool,” Milly says with that cute smile she likes to flash.

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