Oh Boobs!

Big-titted wife and mom Lolli Jones gets her ass plundered

With a woman like Lolli Jones, it’s usually all about the tits. Her boobs are huge. But today, it’s all about Mrs. Jones’ ass. Oh, sure, this lucky guy gets to fuck her mouth and boobs, but when penetration time comes, it’s the ass and only the ass. Yep, today, Lolli’s 52-year-old married pussy is going to get completely ignored while the lucky dude bones this mom’s ass every which way. When he can’t hold back any longer (and he lasts a long longer than we would have), he shoots his load all over her well-fucked butthole.

We asked Lolli if she makes the first move or waits for the guy to do it, and she said, “Both. If I am feeling passive, I wait. If I am horny and feeling aggressive, I will initiate.”

Here, she initiates, leaving no doubt in the dude’s mind where she wants him to stick his hard cock.

Sex with younger men? “Not until I came to The SCORE Group and fucked a 20-year-old.”

What gets her off best: “Getting fucked really hard missionary or from behind with a big dick.”

Here, Mrs. Jones shoves some fingers inside her cunt while the cock is deep inside her asshole.

Romantic couples sex? Not today.

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