Oh Boobs!

Big-titted mom Melony shows off her new outfit…and gets off

Today, 52-year-old Melony Melons has on her brand-new outfit. Unless she’s living in a nudist colony, it’s not something she can go out wearing. It’s a little fishnet dress that does nothing to hide her big tits, and the only reason her pussy isn’t on display, too, is that she’s wearing panties. But those don’t stay on for long. Soon, she’s playing with her tits and fingering her pussy.

“How I dress depends on what I’m doing and where,” said Melony, who’s divorced and has kids. “Most days I’m wearing a low-cut, tight top that my tits barely fit in, tight jeans and tennis shoes, but some days I’m that girl in the grocery store with no makeup on and my hair in a messy bun. I almost never wear panties, though.”

Melony was born in Southern California and lives in Las Vegas. Growing up, she attended Catholic school. We guess the nuns’ lessons didn’t stick. She says her passions include cooking, painting and interior design. And fucking, of course.

Melony has done a lot of things.

“I have been a real estate agent, I worked for a California state assemblyman and I was a nude dancer for 18 years. I’m a Michelin star-trained chef and I have cooked for presidents and award shows in Los Angeles. I also owned and operated the hottest food truck in Los Angeles, Home Run Sliders, to name a few.”

She said, “I am a MILF. No grandchildren yet, but when I have them, I will be the hottest GILF ever.”

No doubt about that.

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