Oh Boobs!

Big-titted Casca sucks and fucks her sister’s hubby

Casca Akashova goes to visit her sister, but Sis isn’t home. However, Casca’s brother-in-law is, which is fine by her. Casca is wearing a tight dress that shows off her big tits, and Brother-In-Law says, “That’s a really nice dress.”

Which is code for, “Nice tits.”

“I wish Daisy would wear something like that,” he says.

“Daisy would never wear something like this,” Casca says. “You know my sister. Plus, she doesn’t have these.” Meaning huge boobs.

Caska asks him to show her the rest of the house. Of course, she’s seen it before. What she hasn’t seen is her brother-in-law’s cock, but that’s about to change.

“You’re my wife’s sister,” he weakly protests.

“What’s hers is mine, isn’t it?” she says.

Well, it’s about to be. She’s going to suck his cock. He’s going to eat and fuck her pussy. He cums on her tits and she sucks off the excess cum.

SPOILER ALERT! Casca’s sister comes home. But by that time, the deed has been done.

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